Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keeping Creative in the Kitchen

There's an interesting article over on a Sydney Morning Herald blog on the topic of 'Not spag bol again: how to beat menu fatigue'. It comes up with some interesting suggestions, such as varying the vegetables served on the side and changing the whole style of a stir-fry with the vegetable and flavouring selection. I also like this tip: "When you find a new recipe you want to try, don't file it away - tape it to the wall over your kitchen bench as a reminder."

I find that my ability to stay creative and not get into a rut is to regularly buy food magazines and try out new recipes, although not the fancy ones, just the ones from the weekday meal sections. It also helps to pay attention to the seasons and plan your meals accordingly, with the types of vegetables and style of dishes changing from summer to autumn to winter to spring.

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