Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dukkah, olive oil and bread

It's hard to find a gourmet food store these days without dukkah, but that's because it's a tasty addition to your pantry that is great for entertaining. Pour some dukkah and good quality extra virgin olive oil into small bowls, then place onto a tray with chunks of freshly baked bread stick, and you have a great option for nibbling at before dinner, which is both easy, classy and hasn't been overdone (yet).

To find a favourite dukkah, it's best to visit a store with tastings (many wine growing regions have stores like this) or go to a food show that has tastings. My favourite at the moment is the Macadamia Dukkah from Table of Plenty, which I picked up at the Good Food & Wine Show in Sydney last year. Dukkah is also used in some recipes, although I feel it is best simply combined with olive oil and bread.

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